VyperVPN Review

VyperVPN is one a little smaller than it’s competitors in size but really makes up for it in service levels. Vyperservices the consumer Privacy Industry with their VPN product which nearly guarantees your online privacy.  3 concurrent users on basic plans, 5 on premium.


VyperVPN is a full consumer level VPN provider, they are in the top 10 in this industry in almost every single category of comparison.  Their VPN comes with all the same basics as their competitors, AES256 Encryption, over 700 servers around the world in over 60 countries, zero logging of your activities, Tor Support, P2P/Torrent, streaming & torrent support all for a reasonable price.  They also have some more advanced features that are beneficial to some of us, such as some fancy geo-blocking tricks for streaming Netflix, BBC, Router Support, Kill Switch, etc.  Vyper runs on most platforms you have for Mobile, Desktop & my favorite is the Router.  For 90% of us, VyperVPN covers everything you could ever need.

Target Market

Who really needs a VPN?  Some of us need them for work, some for recreation, some of us just want to hide our internet activities from prying eyes & intrusive governments.  You don’t need to be doing anything illegal to need a VPN.  I manage engineering teams around the globe and have found that using a VPN into the country where my engineers are to purchase products works much more seamless and some websites even have different prices based on your IP address!  When I’m visiting my engineering teams I use my VPN back to the US to do almost everything on my mobiles & laptops because I set off all sorts of alarms from foreign login sensors, sometimes I’ve even been blocked from visiting certain sites in some countries, I use it to stream Netflix & Prime in my hotel.  VyperVPN gets all of that done and much much more.  Maybe you want to do some more illicit things like downloading movies from a torrent site over peer to peer or use a Tor browser, Vyper still has you covered.  VyperVPN lower tiered accounts only support 3 concurrent connections so if you want this for your whole family it might not be the best solution but if you only want it for yourself 3 should cover you. 1 Router connection at home plus a cell phone and a tablet all connected at the saem time has you maxed out on your connections, you will need to move to the Premium Tier account to get 5 simultaneous connections. Since our original review they have restructured their offerings and all plans offer 5 simultaneous connections.

Whats Good about VyperVPN

VyperVPN has some of the fastest speeds in the industry and the most number of countries at 70+.  They support streaming, gaming, P2P, concurrent connections.  Streaming tests were mostly seamless but we ran into a few delays connecting to Netflix on 1 round but the delays didn’t appear again.  Works in China! Pricing is great at the 24 Month plan and currently the least expensive.

Whats Bad about VyperVPN

VyperVPN performs well with their base VPN services, they are lacking some of the more advanced features their competitors have but those may not be features we all need. Ad-blocking is missing, 5 concurrent connections is a little on the low side.

Technical Specs/Setup/Operation/etc.

  • Requirements – Windows 7+, macOS/OSX, Android, iOS, AmazonFire, OpenVPN, AndroidTV.
  • Setup – Download, run installer and click next about 3-4 times.  Sign in with your username & password then you’re done!
  • Operation – Even easier than the setup, choose a country on the map or in the list of countries, then connect.  If that’s too much decision making you can just choose Quick Connect and VyperVPN will pick a country for you.


Vyper is one of the better core VPN’s on the market.  Their product will cover over 90% of users that need or want a VPN.  For personal use, we strongly recommend VyperVPN.

Where to Buy

VyperVPN Routers

*The above routers are purported to work with VyperVPN & OpenVPN, all of them have 4+ stars on Amazon, we have not tested each one.

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