11 Best Laptops For Nursing Students: Top Picks (2022)

Acceptance at nursing school is a great achievement and its starts a new path. All the necessary requirements like nursing shoes are collected but the most basic thing is left- a laptop. Now, it all depends on an individual which laptop he or she decides to go with.

Hence, it raises a key question in mind “What is the best laptop for nursing students 2022?”

Well, this article will highlight the detailed review on the best laptop for the nursing students.

Before discussing the features of laptops, it is necessary to know why laptops are needed by nursing students. There are numerous reasons for using laptops by nursing students. Nursing students mostly require laptop for personal reasons.

Let’s see the current situation, it’s 2022, and it is a necessity to own a laptop rather than option. Many nursing schools suggest students to own laptops that are not greater than three years old.

The reason behind this is that old laptops are not as compatible with the newer versions. Old laptops have different software’s when compared with newer ones.

Examples include software’s like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and several other statistical software’s.

An old laptop needs constant up gradation Most Expensive Laptops in order to make it work same as new one.

Top 11 Laptops For Nursing Students in 2022

No one has the desire for running around the whole campus with the dying laptop particularly when competing the projects.

Therefore, in order to resolve this issue, below are some laptops that could be very useful for the students. As everyone wants to complete their work timely.

One of the best and useful inventions of 90’s is the introduction of laptops. The information technology revolution has led to growth of many different unimaginable technologies leading to significant improvement in the performance. laptops have produced ease in many tasks like learning of tutorials, management of finance and organs 3D view etc.

top laptops for nursing students

could be performed easily on laptops without any kind hassle. It is quite useful for medical domain and nursing students to utilize laptops in their tasks.

Laptops makes it easier to diagnose any kind of disease also provides practical tutorials for the nursing students.

This robust technology has average life of battery, good connectivity, excellent portability and amazing performance has altered the lives of the nursing students. Nurses and doctors are trained in an entirely different way with the help of laptops.

1. Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop for nursing student

This laptop is considered as the first priority by the nursing students. Best choice for nursing students is the “Microsoft surface laptop”.

It fulfills all the key needs of the students in an efficient manner. It is a lightest laptop compared to its competitors in the market with an average weight of 1.2 kilos only.

The surface has a special touchscreen PixelSense which comes in handy that is quiet flexible for nursing students to carry during lectures. The Surface carries RAM a 7th generation stack with an i5/i7 processor which is ideal for doing multiple tasks. Performance and speed of this type of laptop is extremely good. It comprises of Office and Windows 10 with full versions.

Hence, no hassle is created when starting at nursing school. Apart from all the advantages, one biggest drawback of this laptop is its high cost which means that it is expensive.

Table below summarizes the specifications of “Microsoft Surface Laptop”:

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2. Apple Macbook Retina Display

Apple Macbook Retina Display

This type of laptop is mostly used by students who are“die-hard” apple fans.

They are inspired by the its unique features like high quality, sleek design, high speed, and power. These characteristics make Macbook distinguished from other types of laptops in market.

The battery life of Macbook boosts more than 10 hours and it fully serves you a day in the school. The weight of this Macbook is 1.8 kilos which makes it light weight and easy to carry around in nursing school. It is very useful for multi-tasking and heavy programs are easily handled by it because it contains “1.3 GHz Intel Core i5 Dual Core Processor”.

Touchpad is large and responsive. Same as other Apple products, this Macbook comprises of chips which have useful programs and apps already installed. Disadvantages include that it is without touch screen and is expensive.

Table below summarizes the specifications of “Apple Macbook Retina Display”:

Operating SystemOS X
Weight1.8 kg
Hard Drive256 On board

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3. ASUS ZenBook Pro

Best Laptops For Nursing Students
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Zenbook Pro has an extremely good performance capacity and is a solid build laptop.

The laptop is well-equipped with “7th generation Intel Core i7” and has a battery life of greater than 7 hours.

It means that laptop can be used greatly with tech built capacity. This laptop is not as light as with other laptops. Although it is a pricier product but as you purchase it you realize what you have got exactly what you paid for.

Two of the drawbacks of ZenBook are its high price and unresponsive touchpad.
Table below summarizes the specifications of “ASUS ZenBook Pro”

Operating SystemWindows 10
Processor“7th generation Intel Core i7 processor”
Weight 5 lbs
Hard Drive 512 GB SS

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4. LG Gram Laptop

LG Gram Laptop for student nursing
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LG Gram Laptop: When the main concern for nursing students is the weight of a laptop then this laptop is the best as it is enormously light weight. One cannot imagine that it weighs less than one kg. The property of being light weight does not make it a non-performer.

Another useful feature of this laptop is its responsive nature of touch screen. The laptop is considerably thin and has an impressive battery life.

Battery life can be used for 10 hours. Nursing gears highly recommend LG gram laptops as they offer mid-range. Many nursing students recommends this laptop as it is very friendly and easy to use.

Table below summarizes the specifications of LG gram laptop:

Operating SystemWindows 10 “Home”
Processor“Intel Core i5 Processor””
Weight 2.1 pounds
Hard Drive 256 GB SSD

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5. Samsung Notebook 9

Samsung Notebook 9
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This is an ultra-book which can be efficiently used by nursing students. It is built with an aluminium body, that makes it more durable and solid. Hence, it guarantees a long-term life usage. It is equipped with either an i5 or an i7 Intel Core.

The screen has a maximum display of 4k is useful for watching videos. This is extremely light weight and slim. One of drawback of this Acer Aspire E 15 Notebook is that its battery life is average when compared to its competitors.

Table below summarizes the specifications of “Samsung Notebook 9”:

Operating SystemWindows 10 “Home”
Processor“Intel Core i5 Processor””
Weight 1.8 pounds
Hard Drive 512 GB SSD

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6. Lenovo Yoga 710

Lenovo Yoga 710

When looking for two in one laptop on which there is not compromise on performance, quality, and speed, then best option is to choose Lenovo Yoga. The laptop is equipped with i5 Core and has a memory of 8 GB designed for doing multiple tasks. Applications and software’s of Lenovo are not highly demanding and speed is efficient. Screen resolution is compatible with good color contrast and high brightness.

The weight of Lenovo is slightly heavier than other laptops so it is suitable for those who don’t have issues with weight of a laptop.

So, its drawback is heavy weight.

Table below summarizes the specifications of Lenovo Yoga:

Operating SystemWindows 10 “Pro”
Type2 in 1
Processor“6TH Gen Intel Core i5-6200u”

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7. Acer Aspire E15

Acer Aspire E15

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This sturdy laptop comes in the color of black and has “7th Gen Intel i3 processor” with the RAM of 4GB & 1 TB SSD. It has a powerful intel processor that could easily handle the heavy software, fast booting, multitasking etc.

& with large amount of space, all the files could be stored very easily. The 15.6-inches screen display provides a clear and good quality image. The 1920 × 1080 pixels’ resolution provides a full HD LED-backlit display.

The colorblast technology is already incorporated in the screens of Acer’s laptops that produces vivid, bright, sharp and crisp images.

The screen displays of the mac OS X acer laptop make them stand different among other competitors in the related category.

Keyboard of the laptop is very good and helps in reaching the highest typing speed very easily. It also includes the “dedicated numeric keyboard” and the size of the touchpad is the 4.2 × 3-inch and provides accurate navigation, however the touchpad is buttonless.

The True Harmony Speakers of Acer have paper-cone design & develops the loud and clear sound. The quality of webcam is HD & ensures audible and clear webchats. The battery life of the laptop is approximately 10 hours for the operational time.

In addition, the heating of its components is kept under the control by the laptop. The price of this laptop is also very much affordable and costs only $349 and purchasing of this E15 is considered as a best investment for the nursing students.

Operating systemWindows 10
Weight5.27 Pounds
Battery life10 hours

8. Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

The solid and magnesium body of this laptop rotates backward & a stylus also comes with it. The size of the Surface Pro is smaller than its various competitors and also has the Kickstand that is used with the laptop mode. Stylus is very sensitive to the inputs & provides ease in handling of work.

This Microsoft pro 6th Generation Intel has the RAM of 8GB and hard disk has the memory of 256 GB. The powerful system of this laptop makes the multitasking and handling of heavy software very easy. The size of the screen is 12.3-inches and the pixel resolution is 2736 × 1824. The displays the vivid, bright and color images for the nursing students.

Pro has 1 USB3.0 port & also 1 mini DisplayPort.
One drawback is that is does not have Type-C ports which are mostly included in many other laptops. The temperature of the laptop gets hot but is within the threshold.

The battery-life of the laptop is only six hours’ runtime after the single charge. But the sound system of the Pro generates high-quality with the good bass sound.

The webcam of 8MP is very good feature for the nursing students to capture the images very accurately & does not involve any hiccups during the video calls.

The display of the laptop is further enhanced by the 520 HD graphics display. For using on daily basis, this laptop is good.

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9. Dell Inspiron 15 5000

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

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This laptop of Dell XPS provides mazing configuration of hardware that is quite suitable for the nursing students. This laptop has silver chassis that looks very sturdy.

Laptop comes with the 15.6-inches that allow for the Full HD display and also has IPS panel that could deliver different viewing angles. The touch-enabled display of the laptop makes the usage of the operating system of Windows 10 enjoyable.

It is powered by latest “8th Gen Intel Quad Core I5-8250U Processor” that has the 6MB cache & approximately 3.4GHz turbo-boost technology. For this purpose, laptop is integrated with the “8GB of DDR4 RAM and Intel UHD graphics 620.

”Also, there is a backing system backing system in the storage segment that is considered good for the storage of the data and files. The laptop battery backup is decent and allow for 5 hours after the single charge.

Beside this, the “Waves MaxxAudio Pro” installed in the laptop allow for better and crystal clear quality. It also allows for the good connectivity as it has essential slots and ports.

Operating systemWindows 10
Weight2.65 Pounds
Battery life5 Hours (approximately)

10. ASUS VivoBook F510UA

ASUS VivoBook F510UA

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If someone is looking for the lightweight and thin laptop, then the best choice would be ASUS VivoBook. The finishing chassis of this laptop has the Star-grey metal that provides the premium feel and look.

The wide-view technology used in this laptop support the 15.6-inch HD display that captures the visuals from every angle.

One important highlight of this laptop telegram is the 80% of screen-to-body ratio. It provides splendid visual technology optimization in the four different display modes that includes Eye-care, Manual, Vivid and Normal that can be accessed only with single click.

Schooling is very expensive irrespective of the tuition level all adds up the total cost. With the best and appropriate laptop for the students, everyone can save their money.

The laptops have minded budgets and provide great performance and style. when buying text-books one can save the money for buying the best laptop that could provide best graphics cards and processors.

These laptops are not limited for Window 10 only but provide and give access to best Chromebooks for the college students. Thus, enabling the students to complete their tasks or assignment timely and at the same time saving up the costs.

Best laptop is very essential for every student as universities load tons of work on the student’s shoulders. At such time every student wants to have best laptop which will help them in their work.

The efficiency of the laptop is effected by the multitasking and powerful specs are wrapped in the 0.8 profile. The fingerprint sensor, helps in logging into the laptop easy with just one click.

There is no need for the password typing for this laptop. With regard to the connectivity, all the suitable ports & slots are attached with it.

Operating systemWindows 10
Weight3.7 pounds
Battery life5 hours
Graphics“Intel UHD Graphics 620”

11. Apple MacBook Air 13 (Laptops For Nursing Students 2022)

Apple MacBook Air 13

Apple MacBook Air is best for the Apple users and the body of this laptop is designed with metal & the logo of Apple on the outer lid is a very attractive feature.

The specifications of this laptop includes “Gen Intel Core i5 processor”and also include the HD Intel Graphics 6000. For managing the multitasking functionality, it has RAM memory of 8GB that is good for smooth run of the computer.

The operating system for this laptop is “MAC OS X” and has 12-hour battery backup that can be used by the nursing students all day long. It has the pixel resolution of 1440 × 900 with 13-inch for the LED-backlit display.

The lightweight and the solid performance of the MacBook Air are the positive points whereas in negative aspect the display is outdated. The design has not changed from couple of the years.

Operating systemMAC OS X
Weight2.96 Pounds
Hard Disk128GB SSD
Battery life12 hours

There are certain aspects that nurses needs to consider while buying the laptops. It includes good performance and storage capacity.

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Laptop Buying Guide for Nursing Students 2022

Nursing students must for the laptops that have the SSD drives which will perform way faster than usual.

They should aim for the processors of Core i5 for good efficiency. The selection of laptop below 2GB would not be suitable for the nursing students.

After going through the whole article, the nursing students who want to choose best laptop would find this article very useful.
 Performance  :Nursing students could easily grasp the true crisp of the organs image for the analyses and study.
Laptops have nursing students always handy because its high battery-life and portable functionality. Nursing students could easily carry Core i3 processor these laptops wherever for the examination and study of the organs because of its numerous connectivity ports.

The trend of using the laptops by the nursing students have dramatically increased for the purpose of learning and obtaining practicality in the nursing field.

Nursing students either use laptops either for the case-studies or assignment or for using them for completing the laboratory and theoretical assignments.

Nursing students find it very easy to watch the medical videos that helps in clear understanding of the different medical processes. gaining access to different medical software on laptops help in obtaining the correct education in the nursing field.

Nursing students could easily accelerate their learning process by taking full advantage of the laptops. Laptops are not only providing entertainment when using but at the same time they contribute major role in personality development of the nursing students. Thus, making an amazing learning process for the students.

The question of which computer either PC or Mac is suitable for the nursing students. This is somehow a delicate matter of concern as it revolves around choosing best system. A non-geeky approach is best as it targets nurses.
The system of PC has been used for many years but still it holds greater market share in operating systems. Some advantages of using PC system includes greater user base, cheap, native support of software, and familiarity with the system. While looking on the other situation, Mac has shown a rapid growth in recent years.

In nursing field, more students are switching from PC system to Mac due to greater advantages offered by them. It includes advantages such as durable, sleek design, friendly use and good resale value. A PC system is best for installing software’s and programs while Mac is best for intuitive, user-friendly, and well-integrated approach.
In this reading, we have made our best effort for bringing the best and useful laptops for the nursing students. By reading the article, one could easily get the idea about the laptops that could be beneficial for the nursing students.

The analysis of different laptops will help the nursing students to pick the best choice that fits the requirement.

Following are some of the laptops which are designed specifically for nursing fields. Features and specifications of each laptop is given below.

Purchase of laptop involves proper research by the students so this written article would be very useful for the buyers of laptops.

The frustrated schedule of studies does not allow the students to dig into some load of reviews & find something useful for themselves.

By writing this article, we hope that it will provide best guide for the nursing students in selecting their laptops for themselves. For this purpose, we have chosen 11“best laptops for the nursing students” so that their time could not be wasted.

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