6 Best Shoes For Dental Assistants In 2022 Reviewed

best shoes for dental assistantsOne of the best things in our personality that grooms us is our outfit, many people are quite keen about their dressing and proper outfits, people like to follow the vogue whether it involves having great watches, hats, or the best shoes And yes no doubt our right selection of shoes makes us look different from others, it is said that shoe is the first thing in our personality that people subconsciously notice, so it is better to stand out while selecting your shoes. It is quite important to know that there are different kinds of shoes available in market, shoes is a thing that you like to wear according to your event, now you cannot have high heels sandals while being in your school, or imagine wearing slippers in office or commuting for office, this not only makes you look bad but also it makes your feet uncomfortable.

Experts say that you should always choose your shoes according to your profession, and choose to wear them correctly; you might want to put on parkour shoes if you are going for jogging or if you are an athlete.

So choosing a right shoe for you tells a lot about you and your profession, which is one of the astonishing reasons that  why dental assistants also have their own recommended shoes.Yes that is correct, there is a large number of Shoes for Orangetheory Fitness that are recommended to the dental assistants due to their best quality and the nature of the shoe, they feel more comfortable and relaxed. So always choose the best dental shoe for you, as you and your job depend on it.Today we are going to discuss some of the best dental assistant shoes in the market.

6 Comfortable & Best Shoes for Dental Assistants Reviewed in 2022

nurse mates align velocity whiteThis is one of the best designs shoes that stand out from many designs, reason why it stands out from the other shoes is that it was built to resemble sneaker type shoe, which makes it look quite better and unique if we talk about its look and feel. This shoe nurse mate’s women velocity is quite famous for its model as it is quite comfortable to wear, you will not feel tired even after putting it on all day long. Another plus point for this best tennis shoes for dental assistants is that it comes in well-made leather that makes it quite unique and also its corrective orthotic feature keeps your foot stable from inside and gives you enough firm support.

You can easily slip your foot in as this model gives you flexibility to do that, but you can also lock your foot and set your required adjustability by using a stretch lace which is attached to it. Another best reviewed thing about this shoe is that it despite of being made of leather it is still quite light weight and you do not feel tired of wearing it, its tongue pad and collar makes you slide your foot quite easily inside and elastic lace helps you adjust and fit accordingly. Another important thing which should be considered is if your shoes are able to provide your feet enough air to breath?

And yes this pair has soft cotton linings that give you comfort and enough breath for your feet.
This model has very comforting foot bed that is flexible and has dual density foam that keeps you away from any possible shocks, and arch support in foot bed keeps you comfortable while you are walking or standing for a long time. With these shock absorption and light weight features, it is quite recommended by experts to have them on, while you are working as a dental assistant. Moreover this design comes in 7 different colors that you can select according to your requirement; another thing most of the people did not like, is the too much of arch support that makes some flat foot people uncomfortable.

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crocs specialist ii review

This design is totally closed, and keeps your foot covered and this is one of the things why it is also recommended as it keeps your feet safe from any possible injury, that might occur during work. Many people say that since it is a croc shoe, it will not be able give quite much comfort but it is not really true, since this design is an exception to regular croc’s designs, it also lets your feet breath. This model has croslite foot bed that massages your feet and you feel quite relaxed so long as you keep your foot inside this croc’s shoe.

This design has the holes at the toe side that lets the air to pass, and the sole of this shoe is quite soft, along with the croslite foot bed soft sole works quite best for your feet.

On the top of that this design is quite light weight that is why you can have it all day long and still it will not tire your feet. You can clean them with soap and water without having to worry about material, and these are water resistant. The thing which you might not like is they are slippery, and the arch support it has it not quite much.

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skechers go walk memory foam

Skechers is quite good looking shoe that also supports great comfort, you might not find this shoe as stylish as some of the other shoe brands, but since we are talking about dental assistant shoe collection; then you might want to go for quality and comfort over extra shoe styling. Sketchers shoes have been able to provide best quality and this is one of the many reasons why professional dental assistants like choose this for their daily routine work. One of the nice things about this shoe is that it was especially designed for the people who walk a lot daily; Ortholite sole keeps the odor away, while proper cushioning makes the shoe responsive enough to keep your feet comfortable while you are walking.

Another plus point for sketcher shoe is that it is made quite light weight, and of course it makes quite sense if the black dental assistant shoes is made with for especially walking purpose then you do not want your shoe to be heavy!

Besides making it quite comfortable with a lot of cushioning sketcher shoe is also breathable, that is why you stay comfortable for several continuous hours. However; you must keep that in mind that these shoes are quite good for walking but not for the running purpose, you might just want to use them for your daily walk.

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new balance 608 womens wide

New balance is one of the top brands, for the past years it has earned quite a name and popularity and it is because of its best quality and performance. Because of long lasting durability and quality that keeps the people comfortable, most of the people are inclined to this brand concerning their professional career.

WX608v4 is a new model of the New Balance brand and the best thing about this model is that you can even use it for athletic purpose, so it becomes multi-purpose shoe for you that you can use in almost every situation which is why it is also recommended for the dental assistants.

This model features a special support so your feet will not feel tired or fatigued. The technology in this show is like IMEVA design that increases the level of comfort; moreover the sole of this shoe is made of rubber which is shock resistant that protects you in almost every situation such as high jumping etc.
You can fit this shoe easily as the lace provides you firm fitting according to your feet, though the sole of the shoe is soft yet it is firm and you might not fear losing the track of it. Many people while selecting shoe are not able to select the Dress Shoes for women which is comfortable from the toe side, this is not the case with this model as it provides you quite a room for toe. Thing which you should consider is that this shoe comes in width size so if your feet is in length wise longer, then you might want to reconsider the size.

However this is one of the best quality shoes which give you quality comfort along with the¬ long lasting durability, if you are a dental assistant and your work involves standing for several hours then this shoe should be your first preference of all.

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inov8 f lite 235 v2 review

F-Lite 235 is another best dental assistant shoe for the people who have to keep moving back and forth; one of the best things about this model is that it is a training shoe, you can test its limit by exercising or running, and you will be surprised to know that this shoe is providing extra level of durability. Since it is a trainer shoe it has built in features to support rock climbing, exercising and for athletic purpose which is why it is also good for dental assistants where you just have to test your walk.

The inner sole of this model is easily removable for your own ease, as some people like to wear it without sole; this shoe also features a mesh on upper side which keeps your feet breathable; you do not feel itchy and disturbed. Moreover F-Lite 235 has quite a room for the toe which lets you perform all your activities easily and comfortably. Sole of this shoe is considerable thick which is why it has good shock absorption. Its heel has a Y lock system that makes sure you have the nice grip while performing various activities. Another best thing about this shoe is its extra toe protection; it comes along with an extra rubber cap layer on toe which makes it more protective under certain conditions.

This model is available in many different colors that you can choose according to your taste, overall if we talk about the weight of this shoe, then you will be amazed to know that it is light weight shoe, despite of having many features and durability you will find this shoe lightweight and firm with the grip.
Some people complained that the laces of this shoe is not much longer which sometimes makes it untie after some hard movements, and the arch support for this model is not very much supportive but still it is better and considerable.

Though it is a trainer shoe and most of people are choosing it for the athletic purpose, still some people said that the heel of this shoe is little bit stiff and they feel it while running, but overall quality is really appreciable, that makes it quite for the people who are working as a dental assistant.

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womens ghenter bronaugh lace up work shoes

We have already seen the quality of the Sketcher shoe, and this another addition to the same brand is the best with quality and durability. Sketcher Ghenter is quite popular in women shoe as it is quite soft and reasonable, this shoe has considerable amount of cushion in it, cushion inside the shoe shapes quite well that gives you long lasting comfort even after several hours. Sketcher Ghenter comes along with water and stain resistant that makes it more reliable, and the design is also quite cool that stands very well with almost all dressings. Another plus point is that the upper side of the shoe is made of fabric which allows the air to pass and let your feet breath.

This model holds quite firm grip so you do not have to worry about slipping, this shoe has built in resistant rubber traction. This model has many other features that make it quite popular, sketcher Ghenter is very lightweight that keeps your feet easy while walking Comfortable Shoes heel of Sketcher Ghenter is about 1 inch that is also lightweight and shock absorbing, and that makes it quite safe for many conditions, and this is one of the reasons why it is recommended for best work shoes for dental assistants, it is safer and provides extra comfort that makes it the best choice. In safety measurements it is also electricity resistant that makes it more reliable in the eyes of professionals who have to work under such circumstances, and especially for the people who are working as dental assistants.

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How to find the right shoe for Work ?

Sometimes finding the right shoe can become real hard as there are numerous shoes available in the market, and it is quite considerable to notice that not every type of shoe is for every activity we do.
So make sure you to have safety in your shoes, such as electricity, water and shock absorption to deal with certain conditions; and since being a dental assistant can really test your patience, as you have to do a lot of walking and also you have to maintain your safety so it is recommended to go for shoes that are lightweight and durable.

Make sure your shoe has the breathable mesh or fabric that should let your feet breath, so you will not face problem after keep it on for several hours. It is recommended if the shoe has breathable mesh on the upper side of shoe.Another thing you should consider having in your shoe is the quality of sole and the arch support, and that really helps you stay comfortable while standing or walking for a long time.

Good Comfortable shoes for dental Assistants

One of the reasons why dental assistants are asked to wear their comfortable shoes is, a regular study showed that a dental assistant takes about 10,000 to 14,000 steps a day!, yes you heard me correct, this is the number of steps a dental assistant might take during their working time in office, they have to keep visiting the patient and the office, waiting room etc back and forth over and over, imagine walking this much while not wearing something comfortable. This can literally hurt your feet and make you feel uncomfortable, thus resulting your work and you to get slower.

Qualities of Dental Assistants Shoe

While talking about all the qualities of shoe, we cannot neglect the proper cushioning, while selecting your shoe as a dental assistant, make sure your selected shoe has the proper amount of cushioning on the each side of shoe; this can really provide you so much comfort and peace.

Make sure your heel is not quite stiff, so while jumping or running you do not feel uncomfortable.
Another thing is the little room for your toe, you might not want to fit in your feet in a place where you toe should keep feeling itchy or like screwed up. Although these things might seem quite negotiable while discussing, yet these are so important, as you will select your white leather shoes for dental assistants just once and will use it for a very long time.So make sure you have these qualities in your shoe, to get you through your long tiring day.

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