Does New Balance Shoe Sizes Run True?

Some people say that new balance shoe runs a little bit smaller however it is for some people and not for everyone.According to some reviews it was noted that new balance shoes with size 9 would be size 8 in Adidas.

in the beginning, 1906 there was a time when new balance used to make shoes with only orthotic insoles, they did not have quite much more than that, but if you consider new balance shoes in this era then you would know that a lot of shoes Running are being made, new balance is providing their customers with sports shoes and a lot of accessories.

Of course if you know your perfect fit size, then there would be no issue for your shoe to fit properly, but you must be aware of right shoe size.

Does New Balance Shoe Sizes Run True

First of all you should be aware of the size chart  that new balance provides, there are different size conversions for US UK and EU size, and for the number 13 new balance is about half size up, concerning to men, and for the size 14 these are half size down if we talk about women shoes.

Accuracy of New Balance shoe size?

Also you should be aware of the widths this shoe provides, for men it offers you width D, for women it gives you width B and M for the children.

Also make sure you try new balance shoes with socks, so your shoe will fit in perfectly, if you measure it without socks and put on sock later on, then it might upset your feet a little, which is not good, and generally if you know conversions and shoe measurements, then new balance shoe size run true.

Also note that after putting on your shoes you should be able to move your toes without difficulty, just keep these things on mind and you will be able to select shoes without any problem

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