The 9 Best Shoes for Nursing with High Arches Reviews & Guide 2022

If you belong to a profession like nursing, which is all about caring and healing, how can you forget yourself at all? Being on your feet all day and maybe sometimes on night too, is really tough. It is quite derisory to know that, people do pay attention to our shoes but it is we, who neglect what would the right choice for our feet. Not every shoe is for us; especially the working shoes are designed with technicality and detailed work. Nurses have to stand and move unremarkable faster, for they often have to assist in emergency cases. Suitable shoes are must for a paramedic, as they do not get any time to relax, every moment the situation in the healthcare centers changes drastically. It is true that our occupation decide how we should dressed up and what should we choose. If you are nurse you cannot wear a pair of high heels, it would certainly not be suitable. The arch and toe have been differently created in all the human feet therefore, choosing the right Shoe dental hygienists is only possible when you have some valid knowledge regarding the shoe and their making. At times, it becomes a grueling task to find a masterpiece.

Knowing the exact footwear size, according to the foot shape not only prevents you from foot pain and illness but also it helps you in loin pain, which eventually keeps you away from visiting the chiropodist every now than.

Best Nursing Shoes for High Arches 2022 Reviews

The most suitable shoes for any nurse would be with low heel, soft and having comfortable sole. The shoe with good absorption, traction and having safety features is recommended for a paramedic nurse. Let us see the best high arch shoes which are suitable for nurses.

1. DANSKO Women Professional Clogs

dansko women's honey fashion sneaker

The DANSKO professional nursing clogs would be a best and suitable choice for nurses and people who have got a standing work. The brand is quite famous for its comfortable and reliably soft texture shoes. If you are looking for a day long comfort and relaxation, DANSKO is here to fulfill all your needs, indeed.
The upper side of the shoe has been designed by fine leather, while sole has superior polyurethane foam which is very relaxant. The outer sole of this clog is fairly gripping which provides support and firm footsteps when running or having brisk walk. Along with some quality features this shoe has been made with the finest polyurethane rocker support at the sole, which is greatly responsible in reducing the aching and foot cramps.

In this clog the foot cushioning is well ventilated, which keeps the feet cool and considerably dry during the long humid and hot weather conditions. Being a nurse, who is on her feet all the time, is only possible when you are comfortable enough with your footwear. This DANSKO clog footwear has been designed with the soft cushiony on the instep of the shoe which will forestall the pressure and support the nurse’s feet. In this clog the arch has been carefully designed, so that the strain and pressure is dispense evenly and equally. One more amazing thing this Warehouse Pickers has is that, it has been proven by American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), which means this DANSKO clog is not only promote good foot health but fulfills all the basic foot measures. However, in view of some people the shoe is bit heavy, but for safety and protection this very thing turn out to be quite remarkable.

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2. SKECHERS for Women Slip Resistant Shoe

As the name says the whole story, this shoe has an ultra-slip resistance, and can be worn with great comfort on smooth hallways or passages without tripping and slipping at all. This SKECHES shoe brand holds its own significance pertaining comfort and durability. SKECHERS shoe brand manufactures quality product with great skill that undergo the harsh situations of working beings.

As we all know, not every person has same features and body shape; nurses with high arches would definitely like the shape of this shoe. This high arched shoe supports the lower side of the foot providing smooth gait with steady footsteps. In hospitals, a nurse is the only person who rushes off from here to there over and over. These quick and fast movements ultimately put pressure on the toes and ankle.
This shoe has fine leather on the upper side and a flexible rubber out sole. The rubber on the out sole keeps contact with ground fully and never lets you fall off. It works best on slippery and wet floor which minimal the risk and any injury factor. The soft and spongy foot pad fixed in the innersole of this SKECHERS sneaker, and for extra comfort this cushioning can also be replaced. The cushioning uses memory foam which soothes the feet all the time and the nurse can only focus on her work. Right in the mid of the inner sole this sneaker has FlexSole which can repel any shock and jerk instantly and hold the foot arch with comfort support.

With every advance move the FlexSole step-up the constancy of foot. The feet are responsible for carrying the whole weight and balance of our body. Knowing the exact size of your foot is something you should know while buying shoes for your work. It is suggest that in this shoe go for one size bigger that your actual size if you have wider foot shape. The shoe is all about relaxing and most comfortable, you can slide you feet in and out very conveniently with great ease. Being a nurse slip resistant shoe is the best option which you should choose. This top quality brand is especially suitable for working ladies like nurse or paramedics who have to stand and walk briskly while at work.

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timberland pro women's renova caregiver clog

A nurse with the soring feet would not be able to concentrate on her job right. This is one of the refined brands which are beyond from quality compromises and produces comfortable stuff. This elegant shoe offers you stylish approach with the premium leather upper with fine grain which is pretty much attractive. From toe to heel this Timberland shoe has a polyurethane Safe-Grip material with the anti slip property all over.

The shoe has a good arch support which is very essential for good gait. 3M Scotchguard is stain and proof and does not let any mark to make the shoe dirty. It is quite obvious that spending all day on your feet is prompt the sweat and dampness in feet. Luckily, this Timberland shoe offers you the odor repellant feature with anti-microbial property for the fresh and clean feet for the entire day. As a whole, the shoe is made with fine quality materials and lather with grasping sole.

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sanita womens professional patent clog

A nurse in the hospital is always in a hurry and has to be there on every call. If the nurse has proper shoes on, which are comfortable enough to move anywhere than she can do well at her work. This SANITA clogs for women are superbly designed for working ladies and particularly for those who have got a job as a nurse. The out sole of this shoe has been manufactured with quality control polyurethane which provides full traction and good friction to each foot.

The polyurethane is protected and reinforced by the plastic cover for extra reliability and stable footsteps. The upper part of this SANITA shoe has very decent and elegant sheeny leather which make the shoe look attractive along with comfortable wearing experience. It is advised that detach that plastic upper before wearing otherwise it will start to break and causing trouble. For the perfect body posture this shoe has a mild heel lift which readily increases the comfortable and swift walk. The heel is about 1.75 and the toe is 1inch for the ground. The heel is somewhat hard which incite the better gripping firm traction along with multi-directional moves, without being hurt the feet.

The shoe has so much to offer, but is still in lightweight condition. You do not have to worry at all for the weight thing anymore. APMA approved which means the shoes is recommended for the better foot health. The shoe cushioning in this SANITA clog is designed to adapt itself according to the shape of wearer’s foot. So you so not need to be worried about the shape and style at all it can fit easily and nicely to your feet.

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klogs footwear clearance

This is also a reliable brand for nurses and people who work on feet. The good arch support and well balance shoe is all you need while you are at your nursing shift. In case of an emergency, running or briskly walking is a part of routine. Nurses have to be attentive every minute. The high arches shoes with the proper foot balance are not only essential but it promotes the gait well. In this KLOGS footwear the leather has been used at the upper side of, while good flexible polyurethane outsole lessens any risk of falling or damage. The heel is about two inches vertically high providing reasonable lift.

The replaceable cushioning in the foot has been particularly embedded for the support of foot arch, but if it does not accord with your foot shape or if you are having any discomfort, you can totally omit the insoles out.
Like any other good clog this also has room at the heel area which affects the whole foot, in a good way obviously! As nurses have heavy work load, they surely requires something light-weight. This shoe feels so light when wear which increases the walking rate with great stability in every taken step. This KLogs is available in various jaunty colours, which give your choice a freedom. Choosing this one will later make you say thank god I bought this one for my work.

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6. ASICS GEL-VENTURE 6 Running shoe for high arches

asics gel venture 6 womens review

With every passing moment, the situation in the hospital is different, but the nurse has to be on her feet whole. Once bought a quality shoe, will never put you in trouble.
The main thing in this shoe is that it is very light in weight, which helps in a comfortable walk. This ASCIS-GEL shoe has a detachable inner sole which adds on in comfortableness.
The sole is fairly gripping and slip resistant. On spilling of any liquids, the sole act like a shield against slippery floor right away. This is a high arch shoe which lets the foot pressure from the toe to the heel.
In hot days this shoe gives a feel of cooling system. This shoe has a very good flow of air, and has been used with good quality material which keeps feet of nurse dry and cool. No doubt the shoe has a full traction and firm supports but it is advised not to wear it on wet floor.

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brooks glycerin 17 review

To be a nurse or a paramedic is not as easy as it seems, the continual walking and moving on feet can lead to a permanent foot injury, if you do not choose the shoes rightly. Want to buy nursing shoe with proper arches? This Brook Glycerine shoe is the best option for your work. This gel shoe has a very well-balanced arch and has been manufactured with some really good quality stuff.

This shoe has a 3D print coverage all around in addition to a very comfort giving upper. This shoe has a sheathing of synthetic material with durable mesh for air ventilation. It’s snug fit is something very relaxing and fitted very thoroughly.

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8. NIKE Free Running 5.0 shoes

NIKE Free Running 5.0 shoes

This is the lightest shoe and is recommended for people who stand most of the time like nurses.
This shoe is used with great synthetic material in the upper which do not let the shoe damp in any way. The advance Flywire property has been used which enhances the walk and stability in every footstep. Talking about gait, this Restaurant Manager shoe has a rubber outsole with hexagonal flex grooves which prompts multi directional moves and a full grasping floor interaction.

The good air flow is indispensible for feet which are bound to be in an enclosed shoe. The breathable mesh fixed onto the shoe keeps the air regulated and enhance freshness throughout the day. This Nike shoe is pretty much long-lasting and can be worn for a very long time without breaking and coming off the shoe part. For paramedic and hospital nurses this Nike shoe proves to be the best choice to opt for.

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9. NEW balance men MT 1210 NXB trail shoe

If you have chosen this shoe for your nursing work, you would definitely go to praise yourself later on. This has been used the most advanced features which solace your feet all day long. This NXB shoe has a quality vibram inside sole with high level of durability. The upper has a synthetic material all over with a lace upper with metal logo. The N2 comfort low grounded cushioning keep the foot is relaxed while running of walking fast. As a whole, this shoe gives you full grasping and firm sole to avoid falling or tripping incident.

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Things to keep in mind while selecting nursing shoes, Here are some of the factors that you should know while buying the shoe for work

best nursing shoes for high arches

We all know our shoe size but for a nurse the case is not the same. It is advised by the experts that nurses and people, who have to stand most of the time, should buy footwear with a bit bigger size that usual. As the time limit of standing work is not obvious, the feet might get tumefy.

Cushioning in shoe holds an extreme importance. Long duty timings can become a delightful experience if the chosen shoe is rightly made.

Arch support
A proper arch in a shoe is something on which the whole shoe depends. A good arch support greatly unloads the pressure and foot strain. The feet feel relaxed and comfortable all the time.

Slip resistivity
A shoe with good traction and slip resistance is definitely for a nurse. The hospitals usually have the sleek and smooth floors which often cause inadvertent fall off .the anti slip property will prevent from injury and enhances the walk.

Quality and perdurability
No matter how expensive shoe you are buying, if the product is not long-lasting it is useless. As a nurse you cannot buy a superficial shoe and keep changing it again and again for its poor performance. Quality shoe will give you everything you need and keeps your feet relaxed.

A nursing shoe should be breathable with good flow of air and well ventilated. Heavy duty work often causes sweat and moist in feet so the breathable shoe is a best choice.

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