Top 5 Best Shoes For Mail Carriers 2022 Reviewed – Top Picks

Best Shoes For Mail CarriersToday we are going to shed light over best shoes for mail carriers, of course there are shoes for everyone and every type, then why not for mail carriers.

Being a carrier you will have to walk a lot, and also sometimes you would not walk slowly but you might have to cover the distance swiftly, which is tiring. And not being equipped with right shoe will surely start to hurt your feet.

Which is why for everyone like mail carriers who have to cover great distance every day is suggested you use best shoes. Also, you might think that what is the purpose of best shoes as you do not travel on feet, you are given a decent vehicle through which you can commute.

But surely this is not the case after you alight on and reach your destination sometimes it becomes quite difficult to reach people door to door. And finding them is even more difficult thing. So, best solution to this inevitable problem is going for a shoe that can understand your pain.

If you are mail carrier then do not ignore this article as you can surely find some of the best shoes on our list. Let us find out what a best shoe for mail carrier should have.

5 Best Shoes For Mail Carriers 2022

1. New Balance 706 Walking Shoe

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Appreciating the one of the best types of shoe The Nice balance 706 walking shoe for mail carriers, you would surely want to have it for its special and comforting features.

The shoe is no doubt has best cushioning that give you long last comfort even if you have to stand on your feet or walk all day long. Cushioning is actually a key to any good shoe. If you know the shoe has good cushioning then you can rely on it. Otherwise it would not be quite good for you to have it.

Another best thing about the shoe is that it has been made for the people who usually walk fast, so if you think you walk fast which in this case is true then shoe The Nice balance 706 walking shoe is suitable for you.

Moreover; this shoe has the polyurethane midsole which is not only light in its weight but also it has best ability to keep you comfortable, this makes it best and most wanted by mail carriers. The top rated features of this shoe Drivers is its resisting compression feature which ensures to withstand the pressure you put on the sole. It makes sure that your feet do not get tired easily, as they absorb the pressure.

The Nice balance 706 walking shoe has premium quality foam inside that has enhanced density. Also it is open-cell foam, so it adapts the shape of your feet. So, walking is not an issue with this one, whether you walk fast or cover some extra miles

The upper side of this shoe is quite breathable, let your feet breath with this amazing House Shoes , since it has breathability you would never feel uncomfortable, and will not have itchy feet, which is a big issue in many ordinary shoes. It has thirteen millimeter drop which is especially designed for everyone who walks quite much on daily basis.

Moreover the ABZORB cushioning is always there to keep your feet dry and clean, not only it increases the chance of staying hygienic but also you can avoid smelly odor, as the midsole has best ability to keep the moisture away from your feet.


  • Comforting and especially designed for long walk
  • Best cushioning
  • ABZORB feature
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Open-cell foam


  • The quality of rubber is not so appreciative

2. Rocky TMC Postal-Approved Plain Toe Oxford Shoe

Putting forth another best model, which is indeed a considerable shoe for the people who walk a lot and especially for mail carriers. Rocky TMC postal is a nice shoe brand that puts value in their products. The same goes for this model too.

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This shoe is not only elegant in its outlook but also it is quite good in providing you with comfort. This shoe comes in full grain leather that makes it more durable and best.

And also it is water-resistant that makes it even better for having some outdoor experiences, whether it may rain or you have to travel a lot, water resistance feature will ensure it does not ruin your shoe, while the quality of leather will not let it fall apart.

So, as a mail carrier you might have to walk in such areas where you will unintentionally put your feet in water, but Rocky TMC Postal-Approved Plain Toe Oxford Shoe will save your sole.

Another best feature of Rocky TMC is its non-metallic stabilizer it means that it can offer you maximized security against a lot of things.

Moreover; when you purchase this shoe you sign up yourself for most comfortable toe, as it has enhanced and best inner lining. In terms of comforting features it also has best foot-bed that ensures you can walk as much as you want. Also the TPU/PU foam offers you stability while walking fast. So, if you are a carrier of mail, then this shoe is for you.

In some other added features that everyone loves is, slip and oil resistance, shock absorbing features and great cushioning system.

However; they might be a little expensive, but if you really want to enjoy long lasting comfort then it would be good one time investment which you should not overlook.


  • Comforting Foot-bed
  • Inside lining for comfortable toe
  • Slip and oil resistance
  • Water-resistance
  • Full-grain leather
  • Best durability


3. Reebok Work Men’s Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot

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Putting forward another premium shoe that you would find best in quality and its features, moreover the outlook of this shoe is very decent, so if you are a fan of good outlook, then this is for you! Reebok has been serving people for quite a while now, and they have produced many best shoes for almost every occasion and problem, and they sure have something for people who walk a lot.

Reebok is also quite big brand for producing fitness footwear, which is another plus point why you would like this brand, it is quite comfortable in wearing and even if you have to run or walk miles, it keeps you comfortable. And in this shoe not only you get styles but also you get comfort with it.

The material of this shoe has waterproof GORETEX membrane; this works best against different climate condition and also proves to be the best water-resistant material.

Moreover; the inside of the shoe has been lined with famed IMil-33 which provides you with best capability to keep you away from the moisture.

Keep your feet dry and clean, and also make sure that germs do not get to you, dry feet bring the feeling of confidence in you and ensure hygiene in you. This is not just it, this shoe also is very good to offer you shock absorbing, it has PI-1000 which is also quite easy to put your heel in, as the cushion on the heel side support your feet and you can insert your feet in without much difficulty.

Since we have brought this shoe under your consideration for the mail carriers, it means it will surely offer you best comfort if you have to walk door to door in search of right address, also keeping your feet inside shoes can be tiring, but not with Reebok Work Men’s Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot.

Finally polyurethane technology makes this shoe quite light weight, so you can be sure to take as many steps as you want and still feel relaxed.


  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Shock absorbent
  • comfortable


4. Bates Lites Leather Lace-Up Chukka Boots

Bates Lites Leather Lace-Up Chukka Boots is another best addition to the shoes for mail carrier as they hold best characteristics to put you through your hard day.  You would not be disappointed in the shoes as they are very comfortable and provide you with best experience.

If you love the simplicity along with comfort and style then this is the best choice for you, it has welt construction design that is not only durable but also the material of this shoe is quite easy to shine, you can clean it and polish it and they will shine like diamond.

Another best thing about the shoe is its padded cushion inside which greatly reduces your pain and offers you long lasting comfort. Also the lining of the shoe is breathable which is why your feet stay relaxed all day long. Walking can surely tire feet and your feet are more likely to sweat with that. And having a breathable shoe in such condition is quite mandatory.

Stay dry and feel hygienic with Bates Lites Leather Lace-Up Chukka Boots moreover; you would find the outsole of the with perfect grip they are made of good quality rubber, they not only offer you flexibility while walking, but also you get good grip.


  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Good grip
  • Easy to clean and polish


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5. Reebok Postal TCT Shoe

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Reebok is indeed a best brand which is why we have put another best shoe model by Reebok; you would love this shoe as it has been made for people who have to walk daily. Reebok Postal TCT Shoe is for people who love classy, this is one of the best sophisticated shoes that looks best and also has been designed pretty elegantly.

It has a seam sealed function which makes it perfect water proof shoe, so now you do not have to worry about bad weather, just keep your raincoat on and do not worry about rain ruining your shoe, as this shoe will protect you against harsh weather conditions.

Not only waterproof but another most loved feature of this shoe is keeping your feet dry, which is of course every person’s dream who puts on shoe for long time. This is not something you get in every shoe, but Reebok Postal TCT Shoe ensures that for you. Dry feet not only refrain you from itchy feet, but also they keep you hygienic.

Reebok Postal TCT Shoe is made of powerful leather which is quite strong, so if you invest in this shoe you will surely be using for long time, it is one time good investment. So in short durability is something you cannot question in this model of reebok.

Outsole of the shoe is perfectly engineered too, it has been featured with dual density polyurethane that helps your feet to stay stabilized as much as possible.

And this comes into play especially when you are walking. So, being a mail carrier person this is something you would surely love.

Another benefit of stabilized dual density polyurethane is its good traction, so even if you walk on muddy or wet terrain, you would find you have full control.

Moreover; it has cushion inside of it that keeps you away from unnecessary damage from shock, as the heel shock absorption plays its role. However; you would not find Reebok Postal TCT Shoe for wide footed people.

So if you do not have slim feet, you might have another thought coming. But in other case these are perfect solution for long distance walking.


  • Best shock-absorbing
  • Good cushioning
  • Perfect for rough terrain
  • dual density polyurethane


  • Not quite suitable for wide feet people

These were five of the best shoes for mail carriers, if you think you have to walk a lot on daily basis then this shoe is totally for you. Being a mail carrier you shoes are your best friends, they are the main thing that you get most in touch with. Not equipped with right footwear can surely cost you later on.

Make sure you select the best shoe according to your requirement, all of these shoes are top-rated and chosen for mail carriers, however; what suits you the best is mainly on your personal preference.

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