What is a Mexican Shoe Size Conversion?

When we talk about shoes and their sizes, there is a difference between UK, US and Mexican shoe size measurements. If you belong to UK you need to be careful for buying a shoe from Mexico so that you can have exact size and comfortable footwear.

To decipher the conversion of a Mexican shoe form other countries like Euro, UK, US the thorough understanding needed.

In general, Mexico men are observed slightly smaller in their body shape and overall body structure. As a matter of fact, Mexican men are chubby and short when compared to American and European men. So we can say that is might be a task to find a big sizes shoe in Mexico.

Mexican Shoe Size Chart Men

In Mexican, men’s shoe size marked in centimeters (cm). In men the shoe size begins with 19 which when measured in US is 0.5 i.e.; 7 2/3 inches. Mostly the shoes in Mexico having the measurement of 19, 19.5, 20, and 20.5 till the size of 34. Whereas, the same Mexican shoe with 34 size in US is 15.5 cm i.e.; 12 2/3 inches. Every shoe size has a difference of 0.167 inches and 1/6 inches.

Mexican Shoe Size Chart Men

If you talk about women shoe size in the Mexican conversion it is too measured in centimeters (cm). Mostly the women shoe size begins with 18 that will be 18.5 when measured in US. A shoe of 18 cm is 7 1/3inches in Mexican shoe conversion. The Medicare difference drawn is 0.33 inches or 1/3 inches.

And now, let’s have a look on kids shoe size with Mexican shoe size conversion. The kids in Mexico are smaller in their body shape as compared to others countries and parts of the worlds like UK, US, Europe.  For children and kids in Mexico, the shoe size is also measured in centimeters (cm). Shoes size for a Mexican kid is begins with 9 and it will be 1 and measured as 3 5/8 inches in US. So, the shoes on Mexico for kids have the 3/8 inches or 0.375 inches of measurement

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