What Size is a Woman’s 7 1/2 in Men’s Shoes?

To find a right shoe, size is something you need the most know about. However the shoe size between men and women is never the same there is a difference. Men’s shoes are usually smaller than women shoe size. For instance, if you have a shoe of size 8 in men it will become 10 in women’s footwear.

The estimated difference observed between men and women shoe is 1.5 sizes. A men shoe with the size of 7 would be 8.5 in women shoe size. For footwear which is unisex, women should buy below size measurement of 1.5, because theses shoes are made according to the men size.  The thing which needs to be bear in mind while buying a shoe is that the width does not change at all.  For example, if your shoe size is D in women’s size it will be the same in men’s too having the width of D with the difference of 1.5. The width and length is regardless the fact of gender.

Convert Your Women’s Shoe Size to a Men’s Shoe Size

Another important thing to consider here is if you are talking about unisex shoes then they are measured in men’s size and not women’s, so if you are to buy them in women’s size, then downsize them for about 1.5” inches.

Go along with a chart that explains women and men proper shoe sizing, and that can help you determine the right shoe size.

What Size is a Woman 7 1 2 in Men's Shoes

Also note that for some people this sizing does not work, it was reviewed that for some men if they put on size 9 then women shoe size would be 7, so for some people there is difference of 2 numbers.

So get to know what suits you the best, but it will be about 1.5” to 2” inches, and that is about it.

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