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If it looks like the Gosund Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug WP3, that’s because it is a rebranded plug.  Sometimes the rebranded products differ from the original a bit in functionality and price, the later is the case here.  The basic and circular design looks nice and provides an easy way to automate household devices.  With the TanTan WiFi Mini Smart Plug you get what you pay for, it’s not a premium smart plug but it does what it’s intended to do and it does a good job at it.  Nonetheless, TanTan works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa to deliver basic functionality at a low price.  If you want to automate some up to 50 devices or lamps in your house, this may be the cheapest and easiest way to do it.

The round face design of the TanTan WiFi Mini Smart Plug is nice looking, but overall it doesn’t same that much space on your outlet when compared to it’s square & rectangular competitors, and it’s possible to block some other large plugs. Setup is easy, if you follow the directions. TanTan uses a third-party app called Smart Life. Smart Life app controls TanTan’s plug as well as plugs from other brands including the VIMVIP Wi-Fi Socket and HeyGo Wi-Fi Smart Plug. The Smart Life app can be used to control your plugs as well as linking them to Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice commands, but it does support Siri or HomeKit.

Once setup with your Alexa or Google Home, voice commands work great, rename your devices as needed.  The Smart Life app can schedule devices on/off on a timer, it gives you manual control of your devices and scenes as well. Once linked to your Alexa you have a little more control of your devices with scenes, triggered routines & schedules.  You can create scenes to turn the plug on or off based on times or events like sunrise and sunset and local weather conditions. That’s where the functionality stops.  Competitors offer more functionality at a higher price such as away modes and power monitors.

If you’re looking for a cheap smart plug that turns devices on and off with Alexa and Google Home voice commands, the TanTan WiFi Mini Smart Plug is your plug. If you’re still unsure if this is the right plug for you, order one and test it out, you’re only out $14 bucks for a 2-pack if you don’t like it.

TanTan WiFi Smart Plug Setup

The TanTan WiFi Mini Smart Plug works in a Type B socket and the total installation process takes 10 minutes.  Download the Smart Life app on your iOS or Android device, and connect it to your 2.4GHz (Not 5GHz) wireless network.   There are 2 apps that can be used, Gosund and Smart Life. Smart Life is the better app, so we’ll skip the Gosund App.

  1. Install the Smart Life app on your android or iOS device.
  2. Tap ‘Register’ to create an account using your email address or mobile number.
  3. Plugin your new TanTan smart plug and wait for the blue light on it.
  4. Tap the ‘+’ icon or the ‘Add Device’ option.
  5. Choose ‘Auto Scan’  and wait for your device to find your new plug.
  6. Connect your smart plug to a 2.4GHz network.
  7. On the home screen, you’ll see all of all your TanTan smart plugs and their statuses. You can manually switch them on or off from here.
  8. You can also tap on individual plugs to access their settings, rename them, etc.
  9. In each devices settings you can set up timers and schedules to toggle them on/off.
  10. Use the ‘Smart Scenes’ tab to multiple TanTan plugs together to operate as a single device to turn your entire living room on at the same time.
  11. Use the ‘Automations’ tab to configure slightly more advanced automation such as triggered on/off at sunset/sunrise or when it rains.

From The Manufacturer

TanTan WiFi Mini Smart Plug makes Your Home Smart How to add device on Gosund App? Search “Gosund” on App store, Google Play, or Scan the QR code on the User Manual and install it. The free app “Gosund” is compatible with mobile devices IOS 8.0 above, Android 4.4 above. Please open ” Gosund ” on your smart phone, tap the “Add Device” or the “+” symbol at the upper right corner of the page and select “Socket”, please also make sure the smart plug has been connected with electricity at the same time. 1. The indicator of the TanTan smart plug should rapidly blink during connection with electricity, that means you can click “Confirm indicator rapidly blink” directly. 2. Choose your home Wi-Fi (make sure the Wi-Fi you choose is same as the Wi-Fi your phone connected and it’s 2.4Ghz instead of 5.0Ghz) and enter correct password and confirm. Waiting for configuring successfully, the tap “Done”. Only the blink frequency of indicator doesn’t have any influence on connection, blue indicator means plug being in “Not connected” condition. Red indicator means plug being in “connection succeeded” condition. 1 TanTan WiFi Mini Smart Plug team committed to make your life smarter and easier. #Must Have. 1 What’s in Box: >TanTan WiFi Mini Smart Plug * 4, User Manual * 1 Technical Specifications >Working Temp: -10 ~ 60 ℃ >Wi-Fi Requirement: 2.4Ghz Only >Rated Voltage: 125V >Rated Current: 10A Max >AC Frequency: 2.4 Ghz >Max power: 1200W Note: 1. The maximum power changed as local voltage. 2. Support smart phone IOS 8.0 above, Adroid 4.4 above. 3. The smart plug can only support 2.4G network when connecting. TanTan Mini Smart Plug uses premium materials, such as fire-resistant shell, phosphor bronze connects and advanced PCBA, can provide fire Prevention, over load protection to protect you and your family. Functions of TanTan smart plug >Works with Alexa >Works with Google Assistant >IFTTT Compatible >Schedule feature >Timer function >Create Group >Countdown function >Share to Families​ app Know about Gosund App Step 1: Search “Gosund” on App store, Google Play or Scan the QR code on User Manual to download and install it. Step 2:Set up your Gosund account Step 3:Plug TanTan WiFi Mini Smart Plug into an AC outlet Step 4:Add Device>Socket and confirm the device in the App. Step 5:Connect the plug to your local Wi-Fi with your phone connecting to it. Step 6:Schedule your appliances. Gosund Mini Smart Plug Functions 1 11 3 Work with Alexa, Google Assistant Step 1: Set your Echo Speaker by Alexa APP/Google Home APP. Step 2: Enable a Skill which is “Gosund” in Alexa APP/Google Home App. Step 3: Link your Gosund account to skill. Step 4: Discover the smart plug and control your device with voice. Note: Set up Gosund before setting up Alexa/Google Home. Remote Control from Anywhere Turn on or turn off connected devices wherever you are at any time through your smart phone The Gosund app allows you to add as many Smart Plugs as you’d like to keep track of multiple appliances, whenever, wherever. Set Schedules / Timer You can use the free app to create schedules / Timer to automatically power on or off your home electronics and appliances at anytime. Scheduling allows you to prevent power-hungry devices from being left on longer than needed.

  • Works with Alexa/Google Home: Manage directly your devices through voice control. Mini Smart Outlet is also Compatible with phone system(Android 4.4. above/ iOS 8 above); It only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.
  • Manage Your Home Remotely: Instantly Control devices connected to TanTan Smart Plug wherever you have Internet by using the app on your smartphone. Enjoy peace of mind by checking on your devices remotely and always coming home to a well-lit house.
  • Set Timer and Countdown: Schedule your Smart Socket to automatically turn on and off your electronics as needed, such as humidifier, electric kettle, coffee maker, lamp and electric fan.
  • Create Group and Share to All: Create a group for all WiFi Smart Plugs and control all in one command. Share your smart plug to all family members in a minute. No more worries, everyone can control it easily.
  • Set up Easily and Quality Assured:You can set it up quickly and do not need a hub. If you encounter any problem or need support, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we are committed to making it right for you.


Get the best smart outlets and enjoy the peace of mind only the best home plugs can provide. Each smart wifi outlet features safety features like fire-resistant shell, advanced PCBA circuit with fire prevention & overload protection, and phosphor bronze contacts. The app controlled outlets also meet all safety standards and regulations by FCC and RoHS, and come with a 12-Month limited warranty.

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