NOLO Motion Tracking Kit Review

Retail Price: $199

High End virtual reality requires perfect tracking which is currently impossible to achieve. Nolo Motion Tracking Kit is an answer that gets you a little bit closer. The NOLO motion tracking kit is the hardware that quickly solves all of this.

This system is designed to be used on all types of virtual reality platforms, from PC to mobile. The advantages of this type of system is its ease of use and setup. It offers a full room experience paired with six degrees-of-freedom tracking with only minor settings changes for different virtual reality rigs.

The entire system is comprised of a few parts including the Base Station, which acts as the control center of the whole operation. It also comes with two controllers that provides hand tracking and are the means to grant you control for your games or other VR experiences. It comes equipped with a headset marker that you strap on so your movements in the real world are quickly transferred to the virtual world providing a fully immersive experience.


The single best thing about the NOLO motion tracking kit is it’s compatibility with a large variety of games, so you’ll be able to use it on your favorite virtual reality game. The accuracy is the hallmark of the NOLO as it can determine your position to within 2mm.

The NOLO motion tracking kit is definitely an accessory that you’ll want to add to your VR system. It is especially useful if you’re going to enhance your mobile VR experience as there are limited choices in that arena. But if you intend to use it with systems like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or the PlayStation VR, it can surely take them to the next level with full room-scale support and hand tracking.

  • Oculus Go – NOLO CV1 offers 6DoF VR interactions for Oculus Go! Immersive yourself in over 2000 SteamVR games!
  • Samsung VR – NOLO CV1 provides spatial tracking for your Gear VR headset. More than just film watching, indulge yourself in the exciting and fully immersive SteamVR gameplay!
  • Playstation VR – NOLO CV1 enables your PSVR headset to access SteamVR games. Enjoy PC-exclusive titles without spending a fortune!
  • Many more VR consoles

About this item

  • Motion Tracking Kit for PC VR Headset, Standalone VR Headset, and Mobile VR: NOLO CV1 is the first one that brings immersive VR experience to Mobile VR platform. Users could freely move around and interact in the virtual world with their VR headset
  • Full Immersion Virtual Reality: get ready for SteamVR in seconds, creating a bridge between the immersive experience of PC VR Headset, allows you to use your VR headset play SteamVR game with NOLO device. ATTENTION: some assembly is required, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR HOW TO SET UP,
  • Wide Range of VR Game Compatibility: NOLO CV1 supports more than 3000 Steam VR games (PC and streaming software required).and Oculus platform, such as Beat Saber, Super Hot, Job Simulator, Audio Shield, Space Pirate Trainer, Serious Sam VR etc .NOLO CV1 also supports applications from NOLO Home- first 6-DoF Mobile VR application platform.
  • Compatible with many VR headsets – Samsung Gear VR, Pimax 4K, PSVR, and Oculus Go.
  • Tech Specs and Recommended Play Area – NOLO CV1 has positioning precision of less than 2mm, positioning latency of less than 20ms, positioning range of 5m from a base station with 100° FOV. Stand facing base station, initial distance between base station and player should be at least 2 meters (with no block in the middle).

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