Oculus Rift S Review

Oculus Rift S is the long waited upgrade to Oculus’ flagship PC virtual reality headset, bringing better resolution, upgraded room tracking and a passthrough camera for seeing RR (Real Reality).

Three years in the making, the base Oculus Rift headset is updated to once again compete in the $400 VR range. The Oculus Rift S upgrades Oculus’ flagship PC virtual reality headset with higher-resolution display and upgraded room tracking and maintaining backwards compatibility with Rift games. It’s moved into our top picks for best bang for your buck VR.

The Rift S looks like it’s predecessor but a little refreshed. The controllers on it’s predecessor were a major win, Oculus kept them mostly unchanged. If you had the Rift, you’ll feel familiar when you slip your hands into the controllers.

The most significant feature add are the lenses on the front that allow for passthrough+. This feature lets you see your real-reality surroundings through the headset, which should reduce some of the real world collisions, and gives your eyes a break from virtual without removing the headset.

The Rift S packs Oculus’ Insight technology gives us room-sized VR without external sensors. The latest Rift sports five built in onboard sensors make this tracking setup surprisingly accurate.

The Rift S has a resolution of 1280 x 1440 per eye (up from 1200 x 1080) and an 80-Hertz refresh rate, and weighs just over a pound. The headset delivers integrated audio from its headband, ditching the onboard headphones from the previous generation.

The headset feels extremely similar to the original Rift in terms of comfort. Oculus listened to it’s user base on the upgrades by keeping their best features and improving on the less desirable features.

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